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For Grant Seekers

The Inner-City Foundation For Charity & Education is a non-sectarian foundation that supports organizationsĀ providing assistance, including food, clothing, shelter, counseling and education, to at-risk and needy children and adults of Fairfield County, Connecticut. The Foundation does not provide grants to individuals.

In pursuit of this goal, the Foundation makes grants to non-profit agencies and institutions that are tax-exempt under Section 501 (c)(3) of the IRS code, for example:

  • Scholarships for elementary and secondary schools;
  • Start-up costs for new initiatives in proven organizations and agencies;
  • Program support when an infusion of funds will enable an existing program to improve and/or expand.

Grants are awarded on an annual basis. Scholarship aid will be for one year, and the recipient school may reapply for funding. Program support will not ordinarily be renewed in consecutive years

The following are not within our normal scope of support: capital requests; and, grants to elementary and secondary schools for other than scholarship and tuition assistance programs.

An important factor in every proposal for program support will be to state what provisions the applicant will make to ensure the continuance of the program after Foundation funding has ceased, as it is not the intent of the Foundation to underwrite continuing programs.

Grantees are required to provide a report to the Foundation within three months after the end of the grant period. The Foundation will randomly select a granteeā€™s report for audit purposes.

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